Discover the archipelago of Nosy-Be ...

Discover Nosy-Be archipelago

Archipelago of Nosy Be / Madagascar

Located in the Mozambique Channel, north-west of Grande-Terre, Nosy-Be is an archipelago, the Mitsio Islands to the north and the Radama Islands to the south.


Ideal for diving cruises as for sailing. There are wildlife from the Indian Ocean, from clownfish to whale sharks, to sea turtle and, of course, many varieties of coral.


You will also discover the kindness and hospitality of the Malagasy people who alone justify this journey out of time ... throughout this coast, lives a fishing people, here no roads or engines, only canoes and sailboats allow them to feed and move.


The islands of Nosy Be

Nosy-Be is the largest Malagasy island. Due to its privileged location, this volcanic island has the most beautiful beaches in Madagascar, shaded by coconut palms and bordered by a calm, turquoise water. Its exceptional marine environment is home to remarkable varieties of coral and multicolored fish.


Nosy Tanikely

The island of the small land, natural underwater park that is discovered simply with mask and snorkel.

Nosy Komba: Island where live the Lemurs that you can approach


Nosy Iranja

The island of the turtles, 4 hours sailing south west of Nosy Be is formed of two islands connected by a tongue of sand revealing at low tide. Its idyllic beaches serve as nesting places for sea turtles.


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Sublime landscape Madagascar ocean


The Radama Islands

Located 50 miles south-west of Nosy Be, the archipelago of the Radâmes is made up of 4 islands. These coral islands have shallow bottoms and are suitable for fishing as well as for diving.

The Radâmes Islands are small pieces of Grande-Terre. Each one of them, its relief and its geology, its men, its fauna and its flora, with a particular destiny, linked to a history and a unique environment, for each island


Nosy Kalakarojo:

The first island of the archipelago of the Radâmes is Nosy Kalakarojo. At the approach of this little island, one could believe in the existence of paradise on earth, the water is of an astonishing transparency and once landed the feet sink comfortably in a dusty sand with brilliant whiteness, the decor is raw, wild and natural. Here are nesting fishing eagles.


Nosy Antany Mora:

The island of Antany Mora is located 10 miles south of Nosy Kalakarojo. Approached by the North, it has numerous rocky islets covered with a rich maritime avifauna. Its long beach to the north is occupied by one of the largest shark fishermen camps on this Northwest Coast. The island now lives on shark fishing.


Nosy Berafia:

An imposing silhouette, oriented north-south over more than 10 km in length and three kilometers wide, makes it a real piece of Grande-Terre. The discovery of the small village of Mahabo, perched at the top of a high wooded hill, deserves the detour, Mahabo hosts the royal tombs and the house of the kabary where the rites and palabres are perpetuated.


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The Mitsio Islands

55 km northeast of Nosy Be, stretches 70 km and has superb seabed. At several points along the coast, spectacular "Basaltic Organs" plunge into the Mozambique Channel. This archipelago is also famous for its rocky peaks called "Pains de Sucre" the four brothers.


Tsara Banjina :

40 km north east of Nosy Be, its hotel and its beautiful beaches of immaculate whiteness. The lush vegetation is home to tail-straw and bats.


Efatra Zoky :

"The four elders", islands cliffs, where the fanatics of Basra lay. Its seabed attracts divers from around the world.