Discovering Madagascar

Your cruise to Madagascar by crewed catamaran

Fly sky view Madagascar


Scuba diving Madagascar


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Welcome aboard our catamarans, it is the best way to visit the islands ...

Wake up every morning to a new beach. Contemplate the most beautiful landscapes of the Indian Ocean. Nature in the pure state!

You will visit the islands of your choice, you will practice sailing, snorkel mask, scuba diving, big game fishing or fly fishing at sea ...

The skills of our crew (skipper, cook, hostess) allow us to orient your cruise according to your wishes for family holidays, friends, or for cruises sailing, fishing or diving ...


Fred, your skipper in Madagascar

Fred Moinet, professional Skipper with a BPPV certification (Skipper's sailing license) a State-certified diving teacher (CMAS 3 * instructor), a certified ocean guide, president of the SDFS technical committee, Fred has more 20 years of experience in the Indian Ocean, and a great knowledge of the region.


Fred Moinet, skipper on Turquoise


Catamaran Turquoise in Seychelles


In search of excellence!


Our chef will treat you according to your choice, with Western dishes, or savory Creole fish, discovering exotic flavors, with or without peppers according to your desire.

Our hostess will make sure to manage all the constraints of daily life and to make your stay pleasant.



The catamaran is specially adapted for diving.

9 aluminum blocks, scubapro diving equipment (jacket, regulators, octopus), numerous masks, palm, tuba, shorty, combination ...

1 compressor 11m3/h, a Bombard annex 4.20m semi rigid + HB 15CV Yamaha.

Our instructors will accompany you during these magnificent dives, among the most beautiful in the Indian Ocean.


Big fishing in Seychelles


Granitics islands in Seychelles


Fishing and Fly Fishing

Thea catamaran is equipped for big game fishing and fly fishing. Here everything is about passion, which Fred will have the joy of sharing with you. Madagascar offer among the most beautiful sites in the world, fly fishing at sea.


Means of communication

VHF, Iridium satellite phone



Boat in compliance with international standards. Automatic signaling system in case of distress sarsat cospas the catamaran possesses means of communication and medical means, Captain of yacht 200, medical kit endowment B. We have 2 normo bar oxygen therapy kits for divers. If necessary, telephone contact possible with a doctor of the French Maritime Medical Consultation Center.