MADAGASCAR cruises : RADAMES islands

Radames islands (from july to september)

Cruises Madagascar 7 days


7-day program :

Situated south of Nosy Be, the radame islands extend along a coast without roads, where boats, dinghies and canoes sail exclusively. The 6-day cruise in these paradisiacal landscapes takes place from July to September.

  • Day 1: Russians' Bay
    After installation on board the boat in Nosy Be, departure for the Baie des Russians and anchorage after 3 hours of sailing.
  • Day 2: Antanimora
    In the direction of the Radâmes islands, the boat stops for two dives, then arrives near the island of Antanimora to spend the night.
  • Day 3: Antanimora - Nosy Valiha
    The day is reserved for two dives on sites such as Greg Wall, Cyclones, west of the Radâmes, then return to the previous anchorage or Nosy Valiha Island.
  • Day 4: Baramahamay
    Head towards the mouth of the Baramahamay River with two dives en route. This river offers a mangrove complex with exceptional wildlife. Anchorage and night in the course of the river.
  • Day 5: Nosy Iranja - Russians' Bay
    After a first dive in the morning, visit of the island of Nosy Iranja on foot, then a new dive on the spot. The night is spent with an anchorage at the Baie des Russians or at Sakatia.
  • Day 6: Nosy Be
    This last day offers two dives off Nosy be before joining Nosy Be in the afternoon to disembark. The funds of Madagascar offer beautiful dives with a beautiful balance of fauna and marine flora. There are morays, rays, turtles, sharks and thousands of multicolored fish.

Diving sites:

Greg Wall:

This flat accessible from 13m deep is one of the most striking sites of the Radâmes. It offers you a vertiginous cave and falling up to 35m, carpet of corals and populated by myriads of colorful fish.



It is a dive where you can admire the black coral and reserve unforgettable encounters if you have the chance to cross whale sharks or humpback whales.


Diving sites in Madagascar


Madagascar, catamran Hintea with sunset
Madagascar, lost island
Madagascar, xhite sand beach, turqoui sea

Moramba bay :

It is a magical place off the beaten track, it looks a bit like Halong Bay, with tsingys ...

Madagascar, Moramba bay, catamaran cruise
Madagascar, Moramba bay, catamaran cruise
Madagascar, Moramba bay, catamaran cruise

14-day program:

  • Day 1: Tanikely Island, diving, snorkeling, beach.
  • Day 2: Baie des Russians. Walk in the mountains, visit of a village.
  • Day 3: Sugar loaf and anchorage at the bottom of the bay of Marontoro (large land). Up the mangrove. Observation of the fauna and flora.
  • Day 4: Nosy Iranja island, beach, swimming, diving, visit of the island.
  • Day 5: Baramahary on big land, its village relay of the dhows, we fill up with crabs and honey, up the river or live many species of tropical birds ...
  • Day 6: Nosy Kalakanjoro Island on the Radama and its fishing village, visit of the dockyard ...
  • Day 7: For the diver, an exceptional site: Greg Wall. Giant falls, caves and an extraordinary fauna and flora ... The evening anchorage in the bay of Berangomenia on the mainland.
  • Day 8: Island of Antanimou, visit of the fishing village, its sand bank ...
  • Day 9: 2nd stop in Baramahary.
  • Day 10: Marontoro, beach and walk inland, possibility to hunt guinea fowl, Vivi (small wild ducks).
  • Day 11: Kismany. Small wild bays, up a river and then walk inland to the village of Kongoni.
  • Day 12: Nosy komba, visit of the villages, its reserve and its Makis (Lemurs).
  • Day 13: Hellville, capital of Nosy Be, ancient colonial city, anchorage in the crater, sunset in Ambatolaka.
  • Jour 14 : Preparation and departure.
Madagascar cruises for 14 days


Madagascar, traditional boat
Madagascar, Malagasy children
Madagascar beach
Malagasy child tattoo
Lemur of Madagascar
Boutre Madagascar, Nosy-Be
Madagascar, traditional boat
Aerial view Madagascar
Diving in Madagascar